About Us

Digital Martians guide you through the complex and confusing realm of modern digital marketing and commerce.
The methods of reaching your potential customers change on a daily basis – should you use Facebook or Instagram, Google Ads, or Google My Business, Snapchat or WhatsApp?
So we find out who you want as your ideal prospects – and we tailor a program of marketing, branding, promotion, and awareness to them.
We make your venture so irresistible - they have to come and try it – then it's up to you.

As a state-of-the-art digital marketing agency, we coordinate your web design, social media, Google Ads, content, and other dark arts to bring you more customers.

Digital Martians throw away convention when it comes to promoting new – after all – why be like everybody else?
Your business is different – and your digital presence should be too.
Until they walk into your premises, your potential customers only know you on a screen.
That screen has to leap out at them – and work – first time.
Digital marketing services for small business.
That’s what we do.

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