Your persona – the very essence of your enterprise.
What your brand conveys can make or break your business. It needs to be right – it needs to be the best.
Digital Martian's branding services – dare to be different Branding embraces everything about your enterprise – from an initial concept – come ideas.
The launch – events – promotions and advertising.
We coordinate your style with extra marketing pizzazz to get you noticed where it matters.

Our Method

Branding is never about just the budget. It is about knowing the key points of your business and how to promote them in the most effective way. Knowing your customers is the most important aspect and one which Digital Martians put front and center of any digital branding campaign.

Your brand

Your brand is your voice, your personality, and business.
Expressing all of this digitally is the challenge to finding digital gold.
We challenge your assumptions about your brand strategy, your logo design, your digital identity – and pull together a brand identity and social media marketing package to maximize your digital presence.
Digital Martians – the ultimate team for marketing your product, service, and people to the right audience.


The big secret of any research is knowing where to look for the information you need.
Digital Martians use a vast array of resources to accumulate and analyze data on your potential and existing customers before we even start looking at strategies and ideas.
Our research specialists and experts use comparison and statistical analysis techniques to make sure that the targeting is both accurate and reflects your position in your industry.
Using the situation analysis and identifying strengths and weaknesses lets Digital Martian place you perfectly in your market – taking advantage of the weaknesses of your competition.

Developing Concepts

Concept development, along with the design and planning, is what makes branding work.
At Digital Martians we know the importance of developing concepts that separate your business from the pack – throw you into the limelight – and get you noticed.
We aim to develop such a strong “digital pitch” to clients – they daren’t ignore you – they have to see what the fuss is about.
Your brand positioning and brand loyalty touch upon this brand message.
The marketing plan we construct with you will take your brand building to new heights.

Did You Know?

Not everyone takes digital marketing as seriously as we do – we future proof any work we do for you by projecting likely outcomes and scenarios for your target market. Whether they are locals, regulars, new customers, out-of-towners, tourists or voyagers – our branding will find them – laser in on their likes and wants – and bring them to you.

Refinement and Digital Mockup

Our Martians are highly advanced at what they do – but translating those ideas into reality and showing them to you isn’t always easy.
We do not expect you to know the intricacies of Moz, Yoast or the galaxy of applications and programs we used to produce your branding or strategy.
Step-by-step we talk you through every idea and its likely impact before we integrate it into the package we create for you.
We use a combination of digital tools to present you with an easily digestible menu of choices and suggestions to help you decide on the best approach.
Clarity and honesty are all part of the service for us.

Colour Variations

The psychology behind color variations in marketing is a vast field of study within promotion strategy and sales.
It is well known that certain colour combinations evoke behavioral shifts which can be positive or negative – can steer clients towards certain services and products you want to promote – or away from those you don’t – or those that are less profitable.
Digital Martians have studied this area extensively – we use complementary colors and color theory to establish the best color preferences for conversion rate optimization in your branding.


We deliver – on time – first time – every time.
Digital Martians pride ourselves on our ability to go the extra mile for your business.
We will never compromise quality or style for time or money savings.
Our quotations, budgets, and timeframes are always considered, generous and accurate.
Of course, things do go wrong along the way, and when they do we will make sure you are kept fully informed of the problem, and what we are doing to sort it out.
Modern digital marketing is a complicated and intricate process – we juggle as many as twenty specialisms within a project at any one time.

By choosing Digital Martians to navigate your way through, you can be confident of a safe landing and a successful future for your business.

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