Email Marketing

Without a doubt, email marketing campaigns are easily one of the most effective and personalized ways of reaching customers, businesses and potential prospects. Open rates can be phenomenal with the right subject lines and with marketing automation allowing constant contact and sales opportunities.
Having an email list is not enough. There is both an art and a science to writing compelling email campaigns. You can use Digital Martians email marketing service to reach existing customers and new subscribers alike.
Effective email marketing is as potent as paid media digital campaigns and can be far cheaper. You can send emails with exactly the content you want, rather than being forced to SEO optimize every sentence. We can create impressive and convincing content with our email marketing services.

Our Method

Digital Martians has a team of expert copywriters who can weave together anything from a “nine-word email,” to a long form sales message or email funnel sequence. Each email is based on extensive research and is sent in bulk, individually, or to specific people or groups.

Who to?

The secret to effective email campaigns is targeting. We thoroughly research your intended audience and discover their pain points and needs before we construct our emails using tried and tested advertising methods to inform and influence.

Speaking your language

Your emails need to be in your voice. As much as your branding, they need to reflect the way you do business. Our email sequences and funnels build trust and affinity with your audience. Over time they will build a virtual relationship which will reap benefits for you.

Different jobs

You can use emails to inform, question, promote, sell and influence. We collaborate with you to make sure that the marketing software you use is maximizing the range of emails you send and getting them out there at the right time – and to the right email addresses.

Getting them opened

Striking subject lines and interesting and helpful writing by our team ensure that your customers and prospects will open your emails. These informative emails are free to your audience. If they find them beneficial and valuable, you will be their first stop when they are ready to buy.

Looking good

One of the major advantages of emails is the ability to design them to look like your website. We can include clickable call to action buttons, links to articles and websites and even videos and animations for you.

Taking care of business

We take care of the legal and admin aspects of email. We make sure that lists are up to date and addresses are removed promptly for those wanting to be taken off of lists. Digital Martians will make sure you stay on the right side of the spamming laws.

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