Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing (or IM) strategies can be one of the most effective ways of reaching a target audience. Top influencers can command huge followings which we can feed back into your product or service to make it fly.
Social media, along with traditional media, has its favorite celebrities and stars. Some people have millions of followers. A recommendation or promotion of your product or service by them can reap huge benefits for your organization.
Along with our own connections, Digital Martians use agents, agencies, and brokers to reach high-level influencers in every walk of life. We carefully select, and advise on who - and which areas - would mesh well with your offering.

Our Method

To be effective any influencer marketing campaign has to have a synergy between your company and the public persona, lifestyle, and perception of the influencer. We advise on the suitability and cost effectiveness of candidates.


There is nothing worse, in any social media marketing strategy than your prospects or audience not getting the influencer’s connection with your company. We help you choose wisely for your chosen audience and type of promotion.

Finding the perfect choice

Striking a balance between a household name (who would be astronomically expensive to engage) and a lesser-known personality who has as much reach and engagement is one of our specialties. We will find you the perfect influencer for your brand.

Beware of the metrics

One of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing that marketers struggle with is measuring results. Many of the site scores, hit rates and engagement statistics can be misleading. We know our way around these and can show you how well your influencer is performing.

Crunching the numbers

Proper data analysis is essential to see the difference between clicks and buys. The top influencer you decide on must have as good a page impression as they do the ability to sell your product or service. We crunch the numbers for you so you know what is working – and what isn’t.

Pitching and selling

Influencers can be found across the Internet. They may be a photographer or yoga expert on Instagram, a financial wizard on Twitter, a vlogger on YouTube, or a business specialist on LinkedIn. Individual audiences relate to each – we act as your digital matchmaker.

Being there

We interact, on your behalf, with the influencers social pages. This gets your name known and establishes you with them and their audience. This will enhance your credibility and authority. Such influencer marketing strategies can show massive returns on investment.

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