Paid Media

Marketing through paid media is fraught with tripwires if you are not familiar with paid media marketing models and the way in which pay per click, Google ads, Facebook boosts and other paid media tools work.
Knowing how to balance your owned media against paid media is the secret to a successful outcome in a social media marketing strategy. Digital Martians are familiar with all media channels and can hit the right tempo for your business to thrive.
A good media strategy is essential in today's online business world. It is easy to spend plenty of money on ineffectual ads and third-party owned media properties and get a zero return on investment.

Our Method

We look closely at the budget you have allocated for your media platforms and the advertising strategy you have in mind. We advise on the effectiveness of both free and earned media – or a blend of the two approaches.

How much?

Paying for third party advertisements to increase your brand awareness can become very expensive, very quickly. We use case studies to show you the best strategy for optimizing paid ads for your own business niche.

Effective and powerful

Promoting your business and brand through blog posts, influencer marketing, and product offers can work side-by-side with paid media. We will always plan for maximum effect to achieve a blend of digital marketing perfection.

Longer term answers

Any small business has to be especially careful of budgeting in its early days. We are mindful of spending your money on time-sensitive paid ads when a blog on your website, promoted by email, would be a more evergreen solution.

Making the choice

The type of business you run will determine the paid media which will work best for you. For instance, a product-based business would be better off with a more visual environment like Instagram or Pinterest. We advise on the best options.

The payments

We can run your paid media channel for you in its entirety – or you can allocate a budget and allow us to handle the advertisements while retaining full control over the spend. You will find us both flexible and cost-effective – whatever you decide.

Constant reviews

Because paid media refers to something which will stop when the payment period runs out we constantly review the effectiveness of every search engine to make sure you get results and a great return on investment.

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