Search Engine Optimisation

We know all about Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) at Digital Martians. Whenever search engines look for an inquiry made by a user they use an algorithm to find the content and present the most useful search results from the search pages. Making sure you appear high in the engine rankings is what we do.
In search engine land Google is by far the most common site used to find information. The criteria for search engine results change constantly and we make sure people can easily find your website in the Google search rankings. If you are not on the first couple of pages - you have a problem.
Using a combination of speed improvement, photo optimization, keyword research, link building, meta descriptions, and other white hat SEO techniques we make your web pages jump out of Google - sending traffic to your site and making sure you get noticed.

Our Method

Our team can build websites from scratch – or we can optimize any existing website to make sure your search engine marketing is performing at its best. SEO is a long-term project for any business – it can take weeks for results to show in the search engine rankings but, unlike paid media – your site does not disappear once the ad is finished.

The need for speed

Google recently announced that its highest priority for websites results ranking is ease of use for those searching. This means, that with 70% of searches being done on mobile devices, speed, readability, and usability are the most important factors in user experience. We use quality SEO techniques to make sure each click or voice search finds you.

Building traffic

Every search which finds your website builds traffic. The more traffic you have, the higher in the rankings your site will appear. We build backlinks to sites who want to be associated with yours and get links from their site to yours so traffic increases.

Keywords are key

Search engines search by words. Google matches the words in its data to the words you are searching for. Some words are more obvious than others and will be searched for more frequently – it is hard to rank for such words. Others words are not so common and searches will rank you for these. We research these keywords to give you the best chance of appearing higher.

Photos size issues

One of the most common reasons for slow websites is photographs which are too large. The browser then has to resize them and this slows the site down. This is a relatively easy fix to make – and along with making sure Digital Martins labels the photos and tags them properly – sorting this out will pay dividends in your ranking.

The details

Legalities and structure complicate websites and make them difficult for people without a thorough knowledge of SEO fundamentals to work on them. We deal with GDPR compliance, privacy policy issues, SSL encryption, robots.txt, sitemaps, duplicate pages, and other more technical considerations.

Hosting and maintenance

Websites do not run themselves – they need constant updating and tweaking to make sure their rankings are maintained or improved. They also need servers to run them and domain names, DNS registration and other admin to be renewed and secured. Digital Martians take all these tasks off of your hands – giving you time to run your organization – not it’s IT systems.

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