Website Design and Development

Launching your own website for your business or revamping an old one is an exciting and nervous moment for any business. Web design can be the difference between success and failure. Having a great looking and responsive web pages is always worth the outlay if you are serious about your conversion rates.
Digital Martians pull together graphic design, copywriting, search engine optimization, mobile application development, content marketing, user experience, and website creation tools like WordPress or Shopify to create the perfect shop window to promote your business - whatever it may be.
Any new website needs planning for usability and clarity. Each step - from the first click to the order form - needs to be logically thought through to make it as easy as possible for the client to find what they need. We use wireframes to work out the structure and overview of your website and maximize the impact of each element.

Our Method

The wireframe we develop with you is then filled out with graphics, copy, photographs, video and any other planned features which will appear on the site. These are then thoroughly tested to make sure they work well for speed and user experience before going live as your website.

Design vs. development

We use both design and development for your website. The designer’s role is to represent your business visually as a kind of mood board which the developers then turn into an interactive live website. This is done by front and back-end developers. Front-end building the interface that the user interacts with, and back-end looking after the database connections and the backbone of the site. We also have full-stack developers who cover both roles and are all-rounders.

What's your language?

Our developers are fluent in HTML, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, Python, PHP, Ruby and many other coding and programming languages. Digital Martians can build sites from scratch or repair and recover existing sites with issues and problems. We have many years of experience in all programming and development environments including mobile application development and implementation.

Site use

Certain web platforms lend themselves to particular areas of commerce. A retail sales website would need a platform like Wix, Shopify or Squarespace. A professional services company would need something like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal – using a theme suited to their branding or something more suited to enterprise websites. We can advise and create sites to suit every type of business or service.

Reeling them in

At Digital Martians we always make sure that your website has the dual role of an information hub and a selling machine. We recognize that not everyone will buy immediately but want to generate enough interest to keep contact with potential clients through careful content management, clever website design, and superb writing, photography, and graphics.This way – when they are ready to buy – yours is the site they will come back to.

Unleash our creativity

Websites all have the same basic constraints – a screen and a download time. Your site has to catch somebody’s eye quickly before they click on to the next. Our responsive design and attention to detail make sure that whether you are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile you will make an impact and get people coming back for more.

Special projects

Our specialist teams are always happy to look at projects and ideas outside of the usual design and development universe. Clients are constantly amazed that the unique solutions we deliver and the amount of business these ideas pull in for them. Digital Martians is ready to take on your mission – we can help you realize your vision.

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